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The Skipper's Log 

Welcome to Sailing Israel! I created Sailing Israel to combine all of my sailing activities and share with other lovers of the sea. I'm a licensed professional skipper in Israel, working with the Bluewave-Tashoot Sailing School and Yacht Charter company. I’m also a certified sailing instructor with the American Sailing Association (ASA), teaching ASA Courses in conjunction with the BlueWave-Tashoot Sailing School.

I've been mucking around on sailboats for over 40 years, first discovering the sport back in my college days in the U.S. I've sailed extensively in California, Mexico  and the Mediterranean, on boats ranging from small dinghies right up to 70 foot ocean racing machines.

I can  help you attain one of ASA's sailing certifications, or just enjoy a day on the local waters. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you aboard in the near future.

-Captain Howard