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Charter Packages in Israel

Enjoy the Mediterranean on one of our new monohull yachts or spacious catamarans. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxing sunset sail with a glass of wine, a fun sail and dip in the Med with the kids, or an exciting hands on sail with you in control, we can cater for your needs to make for an unforgettable experience. We have a number of different packages to offer that can be tailored to your specific needs with some example packages listed below.

2 Hour Charter Package

Our basic 2 hour package departs from our base in Herzliya Marina, where we can sail up or down the coast, depending on sea and wind conditions. Going south you will see views of the Tel Aviv skyline, and even the ancient port of Jaffa, time permitting. 

Or, heading north of Herzliya you will see the hotels and residences located on the most expensive real estate in Israel and the  remains of a Crusader fortress in the Apollonia National Park. Whether north or south, you may even get a visit from a pod of dolphins.  

You can bring your own drinks and snacks (there are refrigerators on all our boats), and your own music can be linked to our bluetooth sound system. After a swim in the Med. you can wash off with a fresh water shower.

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Sunset Package

Our sunset package is similar to the basic package, but we plan to end the charter just as the sun sets - a magic time, when the colors are just right for that memorable photo and a glass of complimentary wine completes the scenario. Of course a refreshing swim in the Med. is a must and you can bring your own drinks and snacks.

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Sunset shot.jpg

Herzliya - Tel Aviv - Herzliya Package

Our Herzliya - Tel Aviv - Herzliya package is a minimum 3-4 hour charter. Departing Herzliya Marina and heading south towards Tel Aviv. Sailing past the northern approaches of Tel Aviv, with the new neighborhoods and seaside hotels, we will dock in Tel Aviv Marina where you can enjoy a meal or light snack, depending on the time of your charter, at the local restaurant located in the marina and overlooking the yacht basin. And then it's back north to Herzliya, hopefully with a wind to take us along.    

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Tel Aviv Marina.png

Herzliya - Jaffa - Herzliya Package

Herzliya - Jaffa - Herzliya package is a minimum 4-5 hour charter. Departing Herzliya Marina and heading south towards Tel Aviv. Taking in the entire Tel Aviv coastline, with its impressive skyline of modern office and apartment buildings, we approach the 4,000 year old port of Jaffa (the oldest in the world), where we will dock, and you can enjoy a local seafood meal at one of the quayside restaurants located in the port, overlooking the local fishing boats and colorful characters. After the meal we will return to Herzliya, thus ending a never to be forgotten experience. 

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