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Wine Lovers Take a Yacht Cruise

Sailing Israel, in cooperation with Roni Saslove, our resident wine consultant, hosted our first wine tasting event in Herzliya Marina on Thursday. A lovely, local family joined us for the inaugural "Wine Tasting on a Yacht" cruise to celebrate on the family member's birthday.

Departing Herzliya Marina on the 41 foot s/y Ariel, we sailed off into the Israeli Mediterranean waters to enjoy the late fall afternoon. A flight of 5 white and rose wines was sampled by the guests, all receiving rave reviews. Wines came from La Luce, Recanati and a couple of other of the finest local wineries. The Captain even took a few sips and found the Rose much to his liking.

As the sun set in the West we sailed back to the marina and had a leisurely run around inside so the guests could enjoy the last few minutes of the cruise.

From the feedback, everyone had a great time and are eagerly awaiting the next excuse to join us for a cruise.

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