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The Delivery to Malta that Finished in Sicily

Updated: May 28, 2019

Part 1- Herzliya to Rhodes, Greece

I was invited to crew the delivery of the beautiful catamaran "42" from Herzliya to Malta in early May, 2019. Departing from Herzliya on May 5 we set sail for a landfall in Valetta with Crete as a fallback should the weather not cooperate. Well it didn't take long for the weather to not cooperate as we passed North of Cyprus the 2nd night out. Winds steadily increased until we were in a full gale at over 40 knots on the nose. Since the catamaran doesn't beat into the wind we had to continually bear off to keep her flat and also reef her well down. The conditions were so rough that we didn't want to risk sending any crew up to the mast to drop in the 2nd reef so we continued with one reef on the main and the jib heavily reefed.

We suffered from minor equipment failures during the voyage, starting with the jib furler spinlock pulling up from the deck during the 2nd night. We jury rigged a replacement which held until we could get ashore to fix it. Due to the strong winds, the Captain decided to head to Turkey until the winds calmed down a bit. We headed to the pleasant Kemer Marina where we spent a day and night and fixed the jib spinlock problem and a few minor repairs.

It's here in Kemer I found the S/Y Sorcery on the hard. I had sailed on her for two years 40 years ago in California and what a pleasant surprise to find her in Kemer Turkey of all places. She looked good and is well taken care of by the present owner, Thomas Harris, with whom I am now in touch with.

We set off from Kemer and headed North to Kekova where we spent a night before heading on. From here to Kas where we wanted to stock up and check out of Turkey. After a few hours in the very nice marina of Kas, we hopped across the short channel to Kastellorizo where we checked into Greece and spent a comfortable night. Usually Kastellorizo is quite crowded, but this night there were very few yachts. Guess it's still early in the season.

Early the next morning we set off for Rhodes where we needed to stock up and also take care of the new Greek cruising tax for the boat. So by this time we were supposed to be in Malta but were less than half way. Because of the delay 3 of our crew needed to jump ship in Rhodes and fly back to Israel. After completing all of the necessary arrangements with the taxes, we set off from Rhodes for the next part of the voyage to Malta. We were short handed at this point with just me, Gershon and Yael, and Michael. That left us with one person for watches instead of the two we had been using for the first week but turned out to be fine.

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