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The Curse of the Charter Cruise

I've been doing a lot of charters for the last few months here in Herzliya. The sailing has been great and the heat has not been too bad - yet.

I have a great job taking people out on our beautiful yachts and introducing them to the thrill of sailing. People book their charters with us expecting to have a wonderful time out on the water, maybe swim off the stern, have a nice meal aboard, etc. Well the first 10 minutes are usually just that - the thrill of getting out to sea, the feel of the wind in your hair, and the first beer and wine sips. Then it hits.....

You start feeling a little dizzy, headache, queasy in the stomach. The urge to vomit comes soon thereafter unless you can hold it in. I give them directions on where to offload the product and bring a bucket if need be. I really feel sorry for these poor people, as I have been seasick in the past and know what a bummer it is. It does ruin some of the experience for them but I'm usually able to salvage it by turning back to the marina and doing some spins around the calm waters of the "lagoona" and channels of the marina.

I'd like offer the a medication against the seasickness, but obviously can't since I would be responsible for any side effects. I'm telling my own charter customers to consider taking or bringing seasickness remedies themselves to avoid it. I've added a section on how to avoid seasickness on the Sailing Israel site so you can reference it.

If you might be susceptible to seasickness, plan ahead and bring along some medication . You'll have a better time and probably thank me for the suggestion.

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