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Sailing in the Time of Corona in the Eastern Med

Well you could have asked me back in March/April what I foresaw as the future of this little sailing venture called Sailing Israel. I thought things would be very very quiet until the pandemic was over. What I didn't foresee is that people would be locked up and unable to travel abroad these past few months here in Israel. The result is a very thriving charter business and also many students studying in my ASA classes at Tashoot.

Nothing to complain about but almost too much business for me to handle alone. Who thought there were so many English speakers here wanting to go sailing and learn to sail? There is now a new demand for offering a course to teach the Israeli Skipper 30 certification. It has been taught before in other clubs, but to my knowledge, never by a native English speaker who grew up sailing in the US. Let's see how this course goes.

If you're living in Israel and an English speaker, and 1) want to get out on the water, or 2) learn to sail, or 3) just find out about the sailing scene here, ring me up.

Fair winds!


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