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A welcome break has been thrust upon us by the powers that be and the Corona Virus itself. The last few months have been extremely busy for Sailing Israel, and myself specifically, as the local population were stuck in the country.

People were looking for activities for the kids and for themselves, and for some reason they thought of taking them sailing. We were getting calls constantly during July and August with people enquiring about yacht charters, sailing lessons and practically any on the water activity. In combination with the heavy demand by club members of the BlueWave-Tashoot club, and direct charters of Tashoot, it was hard getting open slots for boats to fill the demand of my customers. I'm not complaining and we were very busy with charters and met some super people onboard the boats.

In addition to the charters, the ASA sailing programs were very active also. We're up to 13 students so far with most of them already finished. We have a group of 5 literally waiting on the dock now for a November 1 start. I'll put an emphasis on the ASA programs for the fall and winter period and grow this end of the business. The Skipper 30 in English course was a great idea on paper, but I really don't like teaching it and will probably phase it out after the current group finishes.

I'm looking forward to doing a bit more sailing on my own "Nancy's Way" in the coming months and enjoying some solitary pleasures onboard.

May the coming months bring health to my family and friends and some time to gather my thoughts to plan where this whole Sailing Israel thing will go.

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