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7 Best Reasons to Have Your Next Birthday Party on a Yacht

7 Reasons Your Next Birthday Party Should Be on A Yacht

Isn't it the same birthday party every year? Dinner at your favorite restaurant, a day trip with

your family or a barbecue party at your house. It doesn't have to be....

Ever thought about renting your own sailing yacht for your event? And before you give us the that look saying “I don't have the budget”, hear us out. It's actually very affordable.

In fact, celebrating your birthday on a yacht is a sure way to make a splash! (Pun intended).

Here’s 7 of the best reasons:

1) You can enjoy Israel’s year-round, wonderful sunny weather, in your swimsuit, having fun with your family and friends on a sailing yacht, while working on your tan.

2) Escape the crowded beaches and enjoy the "private beach" of a sailing yacht. And there’s a bonus too: Take in the stunning skyline views of the Tel-Aviv or Haifa skylines from the sea.

3)You can customize your own birthday party event on one of our sailing yachts. Make your birthday party exceptional with an order from our yacht catering packages. Enjoy tasty pastries, cheese platters, fruits and sweets plates, a Mediterranean meze selection, or even a sushi plate. And even better, the bottle champagne is on us.

4) Let's be honest! The best memories are the one you can't tell anyone about; but you can post the pictures on your social media. Enjoy the always fun experience of being at sea, and take a load of pictures of your friends, family or partner for all to see.

5) Ever wanted to be the D.J at your own party? Our yachts have a sound system for your music listening pleasure. Just bring your playlists and our Bluetooth system will do the rest.

6)Add some extra fun to your birthday party! Our team of professional skippers will be happy to explain and demonstrate some basic sailing techniques and maybe even let you take the helm. So rest assured you’re in good hands with these maritime professionals. It's affordable. It really is! 

7) Rates would always depend on the type of sailing yacht you choose, but we are talking about a price range from 1400 NIS to 2500 for 3 hours. You share the party with another friend and it's actually half the price for you.

Choose Tashoot Yacht Charters for your birthday party, and celebrate your special day in style! Our fleet is the newest in Israel, and the sailing yachts are meticulously maintained. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just traveling in Israel, choose Tashoot for the ultimate private party boat experience!

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